At the start of 2018 I turned 40 and I realised that time is so precious and I wanted to really live each day and not just coast through life and for everyone around me to do the same! I challenge myself daily to be better than the day before (something a ‘healthy’ gym addiction instils!) looking and feeling good as I do it!

Over the past year a number of women have reached out to me via Instagram thanking me for inspiring them to dream big and believe in themselves. These messages were so empowering and a real source of encouragement so much so that whatever they felt they received from me, their messages paid me back twofold.

Those pleasant messages are one of the reasons for this site as I realised as much as those kind words helped me, I wanted to empower as many people as I can to approach life with the “I can and I will shine” approach. In January 2018 I ran a competition ‘Make Me Shine’ which invited members of the public to enter a competition to win the chance to have a personal trainer for 6 weeks, training kit, supplements and a selection of products from SK -IN.

As I continue this journey, I will continue to host lots of competitions and giveaways: I want to hear your stories and together let’s fill the chapters of our lives with fun filled adventures and turn our dreams into reality so we can shine together!